I got a response to my blog – the exact words were. “rename it. Too explosive in connotations.”

My response is to tell about the guy who got some people together. He gave them something to believe in, and they soon became such a thorn in the side of the authorities that the authorities executed him.

His name was Jesus Christ.

Now most people today don’t consider him a terrorist – but he whipped the money changers from the temple (a violent act), counseled his followers to act as they believed right no matter what the authorities (government and synagogue) told them to do. In many ways he is the most dangerous man that every lived. His teachings have changed the lives of billions (see for numbers of followers of various religions), and his followers now control the governments of many of the most powerful (politically and financially) countries on the planet.

He is in part the inspiration for this BLOG. I’m not fit to follow in his footsteps, but I intend to try, in my own way.


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