Filking Styles

There was a local house filk yesterday, and as usual I skipped it. While talking with Heather in bed this morning, my avoidance of house filks for most of the last 10 years came up, and I realized I’d never really told anyone what is going on.

First off – our local filks tend to be done in the Chaos style. I hate Chaos. I have good reason to hate Chaos. It tends to be (locally at least) about the mood, and I’m a mild spectrum autistic. I can’t sense mood very well, and even when I do I get it wrong pretty often. So I hate playing in a Chaos circle because nothing that’s happening makes any sense.

My personal preference is Bardic. Bardic came out of west coast fandom. West Coast fandom tends to run heavily towards computer programmers, and computer programmers tend to have a higher than average level of autism spectrum disorders…

So West Coast fandom evolved a method that allows those who can’t sense a mood to play, while locally if you can’t sense a mood you end up upsetting people. Of course I also never did tell anyone what the problem is, so it’s partly my fault as Heather pointed out. In future I’ll do that.



My leg is killing me. Now I know that my weight (280 pounds) doesn’t help, but it’s not the main cause. If I stand still for more than 5 minutes my left leg starts aching, and I had to stand for long enough to start things off several times today. Funny thing, if I’m walking, it’s fine.

As a result I now keep a cane in the car, and if I know I’m going to have to stand I take it with me – leaning on it provides some relief.

Free Software and the Trading Standard Folk

I just read the most hilarious story about the UK Trading Standards Branch. It appears that some stores in northern England were selling CDs containing Mozilla Firefox. They got in touch with the licensing person at the Mozilla Foundation, and apparently were somewhat less than impressed with the response from the foundation, One of their emails read:

“I can’t believe that your company would allow people to make money from something that you allow people to have free access to. Is this really the case?” she asked.

“If Mozilla permit the sale of copied versions of its software, it makes it virtually impossible for us, from a practical point of view, to enforce UK anti-piracy legislation, as it is difficult for us to give general advice to businesses over what is/is not permitted.”

The story can be read in it’s entirety at,,9075-2051196,00.html

Cats are stupid

Let’s take the old one. She comes to the door to see me when I come home, and then stands there so I can’t get up the stairs. When she finally figures out that I want up the stairs she does her best to walk in front of me. Now I out weight her by 250 pounds, and really don’t want to step on her, but it gets really difficult some times.

Let’s take the middle one. He was in a car accident – the car won. When we got him he was still recovering. Now he really likes going outside. It’s 10 below zero, and he wants to go outside, and nearly every bone in his body was broken when he was hit by the car. But still he wants outside. Where he will stay for 5 minutes or less, and then when he gets back in he collapses for a couple of hours.

Then there’s the young one. He thinks he’s a dog. He follows me all over the house. He sits in my chair. He also follow the middle one, which gets him really upset, and since the middle one is nearly twice his size could be evidence of a deep seated death wish.



I’ve had several responses from people about the Wikipedia filk article, including some people that I hadn’t heard from in years, which is good, but we really need more of the community involved (note I haven’t heard from Sherman on how many have contacted him). So come on over, and lend a hand.

The "FILK" entry at Wikipedia

In my spare time, I’ve been doing some editing at Wikipedia on subjects that I have an interest (such as emissions control systems for internal combustion engines). Of course one of my areas of interest is Filk.

At present there is a disagreement (not serious) about the way the entry on Wikipedia should go. During a discussion with one of the other editors he mentioned the idea of soliciting more community involvement, specifically at Live Journal and in REC.MUSIC.FILK. So, I’m asking everyone to come take a look at what we’ve got, and to pass on the request to everyone else you know who is active in the Filk community. The Filk page is at:

Look forward to seeing your edits.