I’ve had several responses from people about the Wikipedia filk article, including some people that I hadn’t heard from in years, which is good, but we really need more of the community involved (note I haven’t heard from Sherman on how many have contacted him). So come on over, and lend a hand.


2 thoughts on “Wikipedia

  1. So people e-mailed you rather than responded to your LJ directly! Hmmn…. No one e-mailed me directly, just responded to this, that, and especially the other LJ entries. had a great solution for the history section: a timeline. I’ve started it in the discussion tab because I can’t figure out the Wikipedia timeline syntax.
    If you know of others who’ve posted things in LJ (please assume I’m not necessary flisted for them), let me know and I’ll put together a set of sausage links in . I’ll also invite commentary in r.m.f (which I didn’t have time to earlier this week), but unless the folks who’ve responded thus far are a random sample, I think I know the direction this is heading. Main suggestions for additions:

    Less North-American chauvenism!
    More about filk and the amateur-pro spectrum.

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