And then 2 times in one day

One night about 6 months before Dad died, the two of us were watching TV. There was a really funny show on called “The Res.” He wanted to go to bed, so I helped him, and then went back to the living room, just in time for a show I’d never seen before called “Moccasin Flats.”

5 minutes in I was hooked. It was a gritty take on life in the area called Moccasin Flats in Regina, SK. Folks, if you get a chance watch it, there’s nothing like it from the big studios.

I wanted to buy a copy – so I checked Amazon and Indigo – nothing. I found the web page and it didn’t list DVDs for sale. So I went searching for torrents. Nothing. Last night I decided I’d call them – their office is in Toronto. I got a really nice guy on the phone, who when I asked if DVD’s were available, said yes, they sold them on the web site. After a bit of confusion it came out that there’s two web sites, the one for the show, and the one for the production company. The one for the show isn’t updated as often as the one for the production company, in fact it hadn’t been updated in over a year. I pointed out to him that anyone looking at the show website would come to the conclusion that DVD’s weren’t available, and that they were missing sales, and that it was a really great show, and that he should get someone to put in a link so people who want to buy the DVD’s don’t have to call. They are going to do that. to buy it on DVD go here they take payment through Paypal.

For a relatively unbiased look at it check out Wikipedia –

To check it out try APTN (Aboriginal People’s Television Network) or Showcase. One warning – this is a Canadian TV show – the F-Word is allowed, and there’s more sex than you’ll see on American TV.


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