I got about 6K words in, and ran into a couple of road blocks:

1) The plot wanted to die.

2) My sinuses were revolting.

I waited till my sinuses started to behave, looked things over, and well it’s just not going to work. I think I could make it work, given some more experience, but not right now.

So as of this afternoon I started out fresh. Totally different concept, plot, characters, setting, everything. I managed 600 words in the first half hour, and I’m going to keep at it. But I’m going to need to average 4K words/day for the next week to get caught up.



4 thoughts on “NANOWRIMO

  1. Go for it! And I hope that your family understands, because that’s the most important thing. My hubby may roll his eyes, but at least he doesn’t object to my writing all November.
    The really great thing about writing is that even if you’re doing something else (work, housework, the other stuff that RL throws in your way) you can be thinking about that next scene, or the character who just popped out of nowhere. Really, the writing is just the tip of the iceberg!

  2. P.S.
    Can you include your first section, too? Segue into the new bit with “Then he had the strangest dream…” and begin again? It is such a shame that you should lose all those words. After all, NaNo is about the words – they don’t have to make complete sense!
    My first NaNo I tried to write a real, serious story, got bogged down and gave up. Last year I just went wherever my character took me. It was crap, but it was 50000 words of crap!

  3. NANO
    Well, we made NANO a family thing. My wife, and two of the kids (16 and 19) are also involved.
    As to trying to interweave them – the subject matter is so different that I’d rather not try. One is contemporary with strong erotic overtones, the other is a rather bloody fantasy. So yeah, the fantasy could be a dream sequence for the contemporary but I don’t think it would work due to the personalities involved.
    But heck – maybe I will try that.

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