Complications :)

OK, so my sinuses went nuts in early November, and didn’t settle down until half way through December…

One night in early December I’m getting my computer ready for a business trip to Kentucky (headache or not) and left it open on the couch. Mark, our 1/2 German Shepard, 1/2 Husky decided to dance on the keyboard, and knocked some keys of… So my headaches are finally getting better, and I have a keyboard that’s unusable. U, I, J, K, M, N, 7, 8, and a couple of function keys are all over the floor. Due to the headaches I’d not finished in NANOWRIMO, and my intentions to get back into it in December went downhill when I realized how difficult it was to type with all those keys missing. Of course I could have tried to use ONLY words that didn’t use those letters…

We spent Christmas at my mother-in-laws place up north – Mark had a great time, he had Mom feeding him bits of turkey all day. I had a great time, it was nice to see Mom, and it was really nice to get away.

After we got back I took the laptop to the shop – they weren’t sure they could fix the keyboard, but were willing to try. Then I got this urge. I talked Heather into coming out to the local Apple store – Vicky our 16 year old came along as well. I walked out with a new MacBook. The bottom line one. I know enough about the prices of components to know that Apple’s charges to upgrade Hard Drive and Memory are a bit high. Besides I’m pretty good at that sort of work myself. And since we are trying to record Heather, so put out a CD, I thought that Garage Band would be a good choice.

I’ve had the computer a week now, and love it. It’s very nice to use, and we’ve been experimenting with Garage Band, which I like.

And I paid for a copy of IWork – which has a really nice work processor!

The other computer is still in the shop – they are replacing the keyboard, and I wasn’t thinking and didn’t back up my work. So I’m going to try for 50K words by the end of January, starting today. This one will be about a guy who signs up for NANO, and of course things are not going to go the way he expected. I think one chapter per day – so 30 chapters for the month of December. Wish me luck.


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