Young adult sf convention

Just found (via Boingboing) an LJ community devoted to putting on a Young adult sf convention


And pass it on – I have many fond memories of reading Andre Norton novels late into the night. My son is into Tamora Pierce, and I’m sure all of us have our favorite teen S&F writer.


2 thoughts on “Young adult sf convention

  1. I loved Andre Norton when I was a teen and had just discovered sf/f. I liked her better than Moorcock, who I discovered at the same time (thank you, Oxford Public Libraries.)
    I’m frightened to reread her now; but some new novels, in the ‘Solar Queen’ and ‘Time Agents’ series were done a few years ago by Andre Norton and Sherwood Smith, and they are very good. I recommend Sherwood Smith highly, both her YA and adult books. Her YA “Crown Duel” is a lovely, lovely book. ‘Norton meets Austen’ is one way to describe it!

    1. Andre Norton
      I still love her stuff. After that post I spent some time thinking of the other juvenile writers that were around at the time:
      Lester Del Rey – readable, but nothing special
      Robert Heinlein – Podkayne of Mars was great, the rest were so so
      Donald Wolheim – One readable book – can’t remember what it was called now
      And then was embarrassed to realize that I can’t remember any of the other writer’s names. Man am I getting old!
      Ms. Norton blew them all away.

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