How annoying life can be some times…

Let me see:

1) One of the kids managed to get an IRCBot installed on his computer – as a result our cable provider cut us off for a week.

2) My leg is killing me. My Doctor has finally decided that since he can’t see anything wrong with it, he’s refering me to a pain specialist. In other words, don’t fix the problem – fix the symptom. Of course if they do manage to get rid of the pain that would be wonderful, it’s just after 10 years of putting up with it, I’m a bit skeptical.

3) Heather’s computer went boom. Totally. I was at work at the time, and didn’t think anything of it when she called back an hour later with the news that she’d found her restore DVDs and was going to fix it. Of course the DVDs turned out to be toast, and they wiped ALL of her data. All of her recent song writing, the novel she’d been working on, the family genealogy work – everything. She figured at this point that the computer (an Acer Aspire 5100 Notebook) was physically trashed. When I got home I downloaded Ubuntu 7.10, and tried it as a live CD – computer booted up perfectly, at which point I could see the damage that the restore disks had done (I’ve since found out that Windows Restore disks usually wipe out your data – Microsoft doesn’t seem to care about all of the work that you’ve done). I talked to her, she agreed to try Ubuntu, so I got it installed, got it working with the Windows wireless drivers, got WINE installed so she could run Windows programs, helped her get used to it (which only took about 5 minutes – Heather is good with computers).

Oh, and while I’m trying to type this Luck decides that the best place for him to sit is on the keyboard…. OK – so I have 10 pounds of Arnold Schwarzakitty trying to help me type.

The next month has got to be better – I hope.


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