The pain in my leg is really getting to me. It isn’t getting worse – it’s just to damned constant. It really interferes with life. Some examples being:

1) Since Dad died, we have his dog, and I promised that Mark would be well taken care of. One thing I do every night is walk Mark. I love walking him, he’s a big lovable mutt, and those walks are the high point of the day to him (at least the way he bounds around I assume that he likes them). Problem is it hurts to walk him. And I really enjoy walking him. Yes, I could bug the boys to walk him, but I enjoy doing it. So I’m going to continue even if it does hurt like hell. Besides, it’s the only exercise I get.

2) My power supply died on the Mac, so I drove to the Apple Store at Yorkdale Mall. As usual there was a lineup, and here’s me stumbling around with a cane. I would have loved to wander around the mall more – I’m not a shopper, but Yorkdale has some neat stuff. Instead I spent a lot of time sitting on a bench reading a history of the 100 Years War. I like reading – but I would have liked to look around more.

3) There isn’t a comfortable way to sit. I can’t stand, I can’t sit, and I can’t spend the entire day on my back. The pain while I’m at work messes up my concentration, and makes me somewhat evil tempered.

4) There’s work around the house I should be doing (none of the kids are capable of doing it, and a lot of it is stuff I know how to do, but can’t explain (electrical work for instance).

I do have an appointment to see a pain doctor – but it’s in the middle of next month. In the meantime I’m chewing through Tylenol 3’s like their candy – ran out tonight, got to go see the doctor tomorrow and get another prescription.


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