What a day

OK – so I can’t get Vicky awake, so I just head off for work. Snow starts about 10:00 AM, and continues through the day. It took me over two hours to drive home.

Somehow (I’m not sure of the details) Heather tripped over something in the front room. I don’t think she did any further damage to her foot, at least I hope not.

Vicky and I took Mark for a walk after the hockey game (Leafs lost) and he went nuts in the snow. 50 pounds of dog bouncing like a puppy. It’s the happiest he’s looked for the last month. Poor old guy. He’s now sleeping on the couch beside me – needless to say the couch is crowded.

I’m debating whether or not to go to FilKONtario. My leg is still hurting – about the only exercise I’ve been getting is Mark’s nightly walk, which I refuse to skip. He needs the exercise, and so do I, but I don’t know if I can handle all the walking I’d need to do at the hotel. I have an appointment in two weeks with the pain doctor, we’ll see what comes of it. Maybe I can talk him into prescribing me medical marijuana. There are advantages to living in Canada.

And now I’m hungry – damn you Iron Chef America!


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