For those who don’t know, Shareaza is a Peer to Peer client, that works on the Gnutella, Gnutella 2, and EDonkey networks. It is an open source project, under the GPL V2.

Recently they lost their domain – Apparently the French Music Industry Association has cyber squatted their original website, and then proceeded to use the site to distribute a fake Shareaza client – a clear case of copyright infringement. The same organization is now trying to register the Shareaza name as a trademark, a blatantly illegal action.

So we have a bunch of lawyers, and a scummy client attacking free software devs. Pass the word along – scum like these people deserve negative publicity. The article I read is here:

After Hijacking Site, Scammers Move to Seize Shareaza Trademark

The fake Shareaza is named Discordia Ltd.

The law firm is Meister Seelig & Fein of New York, though I think that they should be named Dewey, Screwem, and Howe.

Oh – and the French organization is “La Societe Des Producteurs De Phonogrammes En France (SPPF)”


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