The dangers of watching Iron Chef

OK – so Vicky and I are once again up late. I’m on the one couch with the Dog curled up beside me, she’s on the other, and Iron Chef America comes on. When i first saw the show I thought it was silly. Really silly. Now I’m addicted to it.

The other night we saw Chinese/Canadian chef Susur Lee take on Bobby Flay. The secret ingredient was bacon – not something I would have considered as a secret ingredient. It was amazing watching all of the preparations as the two chefs put together in one hour meals based on bacon. Watching it my salivary glands started to flow – not a good thing when it’s after midnight and you know that eating something will keep you from getting to sleep. This particular contest ended up as a tie. In effect you could say that both chefs won – they both produced fantastic looking meals, that I would have loved to try.

The problem is that I now have an urge to go nuts in the kitchen – and I don’t have the experience in cooking to do that, and make it work. Maybe I’ll do some fooling around here and there.  I should talk to Heather, and maybe we can do some experiments. Not sure when, and not sure how, but something should be possible.


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