Gary Gygax

Gary Gygax. Now there’s a name I have not heard for a long time.

Got home from work today, and Heather told me he’d passed away. For those few who don’t know, Gary was one of the people responsible for the massive popularity of Role Playing Games – in fact his gaming group invented the genre. Gary had many faults. Some of the modules he personally wrote we horrible. But some of the were astounding.

I can still remember the first time I played. I was at a Toronto Con, may have been Alpha Draconis, meet a couple of people who were talking about it, and a blond woman invited us up to her hotel room to play, and I had a great time. I don’t know who it was (though when I mentioned this to Lloyd Penney a couple of years ago he suggested that it was Tanya Huff) but I thank her for taking the time to take us newbies into a strange and wonderful place.

I still like playing, unfortunately time to play becomes increasingly difficult to find. Oh well – maybe after I retire…

On a final note – I was running the a campaign, and one of the players was this cute lady with an english accent. Heather and I married 7 months later,  and have been together ever since.


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