Hot times in Ohio

For those of you in Ohio, you should check out this story:

It’s about voting machine problems. Isn’t it wonderful – I’m in Ontario, found this link to this story on Groklaw, followed it to The Inquirer (which is in England), and it’s about voting machines in Ohio, the home of OVFF!

Thank god for the Internet – what else would we do for entertainment?

And of course I’m doing this while watching Mythbusters, where they are doing something with Wodka.


2 thoughts on “Hot times in Ohio

  1. Thanks for the update. I live in Ohio, and news like this doesn’t make the local papers. I did, however, see someone at my precinct ask for a paper ballot instead of using the Diebold machines.

    1. Local Papers
      How about this link:
      If it doesn’t show up in your local paper call them up, and say,
      “Hey, I couldn’t find any update on the Election Machines being locked up. Can you tell me what is going on?”
      This lets them know you are interested in the story, and hopefully they’ll start to cover it. Of course you can also cover it in your LJ, the point after all is to get the word out.

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