Drugs are sooooo much fun

What it works out to is that if I take enough of my pain killers to handle the pain, I’m pretty dopey. If I don’t, can’t think straight as I hurt to much. So it’s a lose/lose proposition. I just came back in from a 5 minute walk with the dog, and I was ready to chop my leg off at the hip. Up until I went out with the dog, it hadn’t been to bad. 5 minutes on my feet, and wham!

Between the drugs and the pain I haven’t been able to sleep, and missed the last two days of work. Hopefully I’ll get some decent sleep tonight, and be able to get in tomorrow.

Besides that I’ve been watching Heather working on the FKO quilt. She has an immense amount of patience, and an ability to work on a fine level that I admire. Whoever gets the quilt in the auction is getting one beautiful piece of work.


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