Voting Machines

Ever since the “hanging chad” debacle I’ve been following voting issues in the United States. And elsewhere, but in the USA the discussions have been more heated then elsewhere. I’m a great believer in democracy, I think that since I hit voting age 33 years ago I’ve only missed voting once, and that night I was sick as a dog.

So I’ve been watching the debate about voting machine accuracy very closely. Today it was announced that in New Jersey a judge has issued a subpoena for voting machines that had errors. The story is covered here:


Makes interesting reading. The Brad Blog has been covering the issues with voting machines for quite a while, if you look there you will find an archive of articles going back several years. There’s another site, Black Box Voting at:

which also has a lot of information. I strongly suggest reading up on this stuff, even if you don’t live in the USA. The key to a strong democracy is an informed public.


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