Do you trust Microsoft?

Seriously. Do you trust them as a company? Would it disturb you to learn that Microsoft has designed, and supplied to a variety of law enforcement agencies a device that can be used to forensically examine your computer, if you are running a Microsoft operating system. Now I can understand the need to examine a computer, computers are often used to commit crimes. Where I have an issue, is that until Microsoft decided to do this, most computers were relatively safe from Joe Public, but by issuing over 5000 of these devices, they have guaranteed that the bad boys will manage to get hold of one, and from that point you have no privacy at all. After one of these is stolen, it will be duplicated in no time, and thousands will be on the streets.

Just think. Someone gets their hands on one, accesses your computer, and now they have ALL of your passwords, access to your bank account and credit cards, EVERYTHING.

Microsoft has just betrayed every Windows user on the planet

But – why should I care? I don’t run Windows. Instead I should just sit back and laugh.

But I can’t do that. I care. Folks, be smart. Dump Windows, before Microsoft’s latest screw up hurts you.


2 thoughts on “Do you trust Microsoft?

  1. that’s not why they did it. I agree that there is a significant potential for problems, but that’s not the reason they did it. I would assume (stupidly perhaps) that they do have copy protection on the drives. And unless crooks suddenly start breaking in to all the houses every where, I really don’t think that the problem is as potentially huge as you think. Besides that, the potential to catch computer crooks especially pediophiles more easily is a significant factor in this.
    I suspect that we will have to agree to disagree on this one.

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