Wedding Bells

My cousin got married yesterday. Her second, his first. She’s known Heather longer than I have, and neither of us had seen Cathy since my Dad’s funeral, so we were really looking forward to attending. Cathy looked great. In fact I think she looked happier yesterday than I’ve seen her look in over 20 years, and it made me really happy to see her like that – she’s always been one of my favorite cousins, she’s a great person, and she deserves some pleasure from life.

I also saw her older brother and his wife, for the first time in close to 20 years, and some of her mother’s family from Newfoundland. All in all it was a great day, and it’s being a good weekend.

Except for poor Mark – take a look at my new userpic. That’s my little buddy. My little buddy who’s terrified of fireworks, and Monday is our Victoria Day holiday, what when I was a kid we called “Firecracker Day.” Poor thing has spent most of the weekend a shivering wreck. It’s a real adventure when a 50 pound mutt is so terrified that he tries to sit on your knee….

Above is a picture of Vicky and Princess trying to comfort the poor, timid, beastie.


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