Feeding the beasts

There’s times that you read something that is so obvious, well, lets just say I’m in shock.

A bit of background. We have 7 cats, and a dog. They all get along fairly well. You get the usual dominance things, which can be amusing, but overall the house is not a war zone, and the five of us love our furry four footed friends.

Today Heather was reading an article posted at Stuff on My Cat titled Why Is Your Cat Fat? Or, Your Cat Is A Carnivore. She told me about it, I read it, and I started thinking.

Soot is fat. An 18 month old cat shouldn’t be fat. Nor should he be hanging around the sink, trying to drink from the tap all the time.

Princess is still recovering from having kittens. We’ve tried to make sure she had extra food, but it didn’t seem to make any difference.

Several of the others have issues. Weight for instance. We have several fat cats. The only one who looks really healthy is Lucky, who is also the only one who gets outside at all.

All of them eat dry food. Standard stuff from the local supermarket. After reading that article, I think we’ve been inadvertently poisoning the poor things by feeding them supermarket pet food. If you have cats, I’d suggest that you read that article. It’s kind of scary. We’re going to change our little friends diet over the next couple of weeks, and see if they look healthier.


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