Canadian Copyright Issues

brashley46 and I have both been following the Canadian Copyright mess, and there’s a new item from the trenchs – Industry Canada caught with its hand in the Wikipedia copyright cookie jar! Yes folks, staff at Industry Canada tried to edit the Minister’s Wikipedia entry to take out any controversy, and to make him look like a hero rather than a sell-out.

Why is it that politicians and government employees just don’t seem to understand that messing with the internet can turn around a bite you? Needless to say a partial lock has been placed on the Jim Prentice Wikipedia article.

For those who are interested in the debate, don’t take my word for what is happening, check out the situation for yourselves. I’d like to recommend the following places:

Bob Rae – MP for Toronto Centre
Canadian Software Innovation Alliance
Canadian Music Creators Coalition
Jim Prentice on Wikipedia
Discussion page where edits are discussed
Dr. Michael Geist’s coverage of the issue
CBC Coverage of the issue
Fair Copyright for Canada Facebook Group
Fair Copyright for Canada Website
Excess Copyright blog – Howard Knopf
Centre for Intellectual Property Policy Wiki – everyone is welcome

Yes, it’s a long list, but it’s important for everyone to let their MP know what they think.


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