The Associated Press Embargo

It appears that the Associated Press has lost it’s collective mind. Or it’s getting REALLY bad legal advice. They’ve tried to attack the Drudge Retort using the Digital Millennium Copyright Act based on the fact that the Drudge Retort used direct quotes, of less than 80 words in it’s reports. This story has also been covered by News Hoggers, Ann Althouse, Workbench, BuzzMachine, and even the Guardian newspaper in the UK has noticed this.

So avoid Associated Press. Let’s starve them of page hits, and see how they like it. Their actions may not be illegal, but they are immoral. Since they don’t want to be quoted, let’s do what they want. Heck, let’s go further, and pretend they don’t exist.


3 thoughts on “The Associated Press Embargo

      1. And even worse
        They want to charge us for a right we already have. Fair Use is a concept that AP doesn’t appear to understand. Of course traffic is a concept that they do understand, so I’m going to deny it to them by linking to anybody else.

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