Drudge Retort, Media Bloggers Association, and Associated Press

It appears that the situation is far more complex than it appeared immediately. A statement made by Robert Cox of the Media Bloggers Association attempts to clear things up:

1) The Drudge Retort accepts user generated content.
2) Apparently some users were posting complete AP articles.
3) Rogers Cadenhead is in effect for this case the site owner, not an individual blogger.
4) Both the AP and New York Times stories are inaccurate.

It appears in fact that AP was acting in a proper manner, however the situation was reported inaccurately not only in the media, but in the blogosphere, and the large corporation against the small blogger has inflamed things.

I am very cynical where corporations are concerned. In most cases the only care of the corporation is profit, irregardless of the cost to the community. Pollution, worker injury or death, deforestation, etc. are all acceptable if a profit is earned. So my first instinct is to attack the corporation in question, because I can be sure that 99% of the time I’m right. It appears that this is the other 1%, and I owe an apology to Associated Press.


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