Rogers committing Data Plan Suicide

Now that Rogers has released it’s data plan pricing for the IPhone, it’s set off a firestorm. Rogers pricing is insane (and that’s the charitable way of putting it). There have been calls to dump Rogers as cable/phone/cell provider, there are complaint websites, and if anyone thought Canadians were quiet, well they better think again.

Next come rumors that Apple is upset about Rogers pricing plans, and have reduced the number of IPhones to be shipped to Canada. The story was picked up by the National Post which likes to claim it’s Canada’s national newspaper. A website was setup to explain to punters how bad the pricing is, and includes price comparisons with AT&T and O2 making Rogers look like pirates. Ruined IPhone is running a petition (their subtitle is “Screwing Canadian iPhone customers since ’08.”), someone else set up a petition at Petition Online, David McGuinty the MP for Ottawa South is sponsoring legislation to control Data Plan pricing, he has a poll on his website, and someone at The IPhone Blog has had fun by photoshopping Sarumen into an IPhone with a Rogers symbol.

I suspect that there are some people in management at Rogers who aren’t happy right now


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