We're in an election campaign

And I’m a firm believer that the only real blood sport is politics. Actually the entire family are political junkies. On election night the TV is tuned to a channel that gives great reports, and stays there until the election is called. We get in a supply of pop and chips, and stay glued to the couch, until it’s over.

I also have firm beliefs in what is right, and what our politicians need to do and be. After thinking things over carefully, I’ve decided that the party that comes closest to my beliefs is the Green Party of Canada. In the past I’ve voted Progressive Conservative, Liberal, New Democrat, Reform, Canadian Alliance, Libertarian, and Freedom parties over the last 25 years, provincially and federally.

The change to Green has been brewing over the last 10 years for a variety of reasons, one of which is that I believe that even if they don’t win, they can make a difference, and one that won’t be in conflict with my morals.

Which brings me to the pledge. I would like to recommend that all Canadians read the pledge, and if you agree with it, sign it. Whether you agree or not, tell your friends.

I Believe in Open Badge

Oh, and the local Green Party had a barbecue at Phyllis Rawlinson Park today. It was kind of strange standing in a park, named for someone you knew. Phyllis Rawlinson was an elderly lady who owned the farm behind my Mom’s and Dad’s place in Gormley. I didn’t know her well, but can remember Dad taking me up to her house once or twice when I was little.


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