The Acer Debacle – Closing The Chapter

Helios says that Acer came through and the laptops now have Linux installed, and are going to needy kids.

I wasn’t surprised at the problems he had in getting someone at Acer to listen. All too often “Customer Service” is actually run as “Customer Avoidance”. And companies who operate like this, well, they aren’t companies I really want to do business with. The problem is that in the computer industry, it seems like all the companies operate like this.

Well, they don’t. There are a lot of local companies who know that happy customers are their bread and butter. One good example is Compuresource in Mississauga Ontario. We used to live just down the road from their store. We now live 40 miles from their store, but they get all of the repair jobs that I can’t handle. If you live in Ontario, and need a reliable computer store, I highly recommend them. Call up (or email them) and ask for Stefan.

It’s too bad that more companies didn’t follow the rules in Jeffrey Gitomer’s book Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless. Jeffrey has his faults, but he’s dead on with this book (and yes, I own a lot of his books, and they were a great investment).


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