Another post on The Conference Board

I missed this part. Jeremy de Beer was commissioned to “conduct independent research on copyright legislation”. Apparently Jeremy handed in his report, and none of it was used in the Conference Board reports (which were later recalled). Jeremy has posted his report, Copyright and Innovation in the Networked Information Economy online at the Social Science Research Network website.

Now this isn’t a report written by some anonymous blogger. Jeremy De Beer is an Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa, and he was hired by the Conference Board to write his report.

Possibly it didn’t say what they wanted it to say, considering that the report was funded by copyright lobby groups, like:

U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Canadian Chamber of Commerce
Canadian Anti-Counterfeiting Network
Copyright Collective of Canada (which represents U.S. film producers and distributors)

The Conference Board of Canada claims to be an independent group. “Insights You Can Count On” is their moto. Maybe it should be “Insights You Can Purchase”.


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