Tech-No-Media Bovine Excrement (I'm trying to be polite)

Erlik over at Tech-No-Media just published a post, that looked like it halfway made sense. Up until he wrote “Part of the success of Netbooks” at which point he went off into fantasy land.

Well, me being me, I had to correct him. And looking at it before I posted it, I decided I liked it, so here it is.


Part of the success of Netbooks is due to the fact that since they ran Windows some consumers have purchased them as the replacement for a full sized laptop.

Pardon Erlik, but you must have been asleep for a good bit of the last couple of years. Netbooks were a success long before Microsoft even noticed that the form factor existed.

Netbooks were a success in spite of Microsoft, not because. Before Microsoft noticed the Netbook market, viruses weren’t a problem, Netbooks ran faster, Netbooks didn’t have a registry, and so on and so on.

Microsoft’s entry into the Netbook OS market was the worst thing to happen to Netbooks.

Just wait. I predict that within 18 months, Microsoft will panic, and start trying to sell Windows CE for ARM based Netbooks. I’m not sure if there’s a MIPS version of Windows CE, if there is, they’ll offer it for MIPS as well. Microsoft is trying to make everyone think that ARM and MIPS based Netbooks aren’t real computers. Well, consumers aren’t stupid. They know a computer when they see one, and a computer with a 6 hour battery life that sells for less than $200.00 is a dream come true.

I also bet that we will see 10″, 12″, and 14″ screens on ARM and MIPS powered Netbooks within the year, as the vendors producing them try to take market share from the big Notebook OEMS.

You just watch. Microsoft may think that they’ve made a smart move, but since Windows XP doesn’t run on ARM or MIPS, they’ve just shot themselves in the foot, because unlike Dell, Acer, Lenovo, etc. most of the makers of the ARM and MIPS based devices aren’t current Windows licensees, and Microsoft has no hold on them.


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