Gartner tries for Asshole of the Month club

Yep. The head of the Microsoft fan club is trying for Asshole of the Month club. Networkworld received an email from Gartner stating that:

Per our Copyright and Quote Policy, available at the link below and at any time from Gartner’s home page, other companies may only externally quote, mention, reference or display the Gartner name or Gartner research after first obtaining approval in writing, in advance, from my department. In violation of this restriction, your organization has been using Gartner’s name and research as shown in your blog entry at this link.

Now this is pretty stupid, even for Gartner. Right now the word is spreading all over the internet that they are a bunch of fools and idiots, and quite frankly, I don’t think that they’ll ever be able to live this one down. Techdirt has a somewhat politer comment on this, if you are interested.


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