The Phone Hunt

In a lot of ways, the computer part of this is going to be easy. The Phone, it could be a nightmare. Let’s consider a trip I took last year:

Cell Phone
Palm Pilot

Now really, this is a bit ridiculous. I’m carrying three pieces of hardware, it would make sense to consolidate. Of course to do that, I’m going to have to spend some money, but let’s take a look at what I’ve already spent:

Palm Pilot – $400.00
IPod 30GB – $350.00
Motorola Razr – $50.00

So I’m carrying $800.00 worth of equipment around with me, each of which has a level of computing power that wasn’t available to large corporations until 10 years ago… This really doesn’t make sense.

The next consideration is data. My Palm Pilot is old enough that it doesn’t have Wifi, but my wife’s does, and it’s very useful. My son’s IPod Touch has Wifi. A phone with Wifi so that I don’t use up all my data limit on the first day sounds like a good thing. Unfortunately GREED is a factor in the cell phone game. This means that phones from certain providers don’t come with Wifi, even though the identical phone from another provider does.

Telus – let me say this straight out – your service is a huge rip off. No Wifi on your phones. You aren’t getting my business.

And then there’s the LG Dare. I’m a geek. I want to know what the operating system is on any phone I purchase. Wikipedia couldn’t tell me. LG Mobile didn’t list it. It took a lot of searching to find out that it uses a proprietary operating system and that it really isn’t a smart phone. OK, that one’s a dud.

So far I’m getting no where. To many of the phones I’ve seen are designed for texting, which would be great if I wanted to text, which I don’t. Oh well, back to the drawing board.


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