Phones, Phones, Phones Part Deux

This is getting so frustrating. First, there are some decent phones out there. Second, there aren’t very many decent phones out there. Third, there are a lot of totally crappy phones out there.

Right now I’m down to three phones that seem reasonable, the Apple IPhone, the Blackberry Storm, and the Palm Pre. While Android is a fascinating idea, the only Android phones available in Ontario Canada are total and utter crap. It doesn’t matter how do the Operating System is, if the hardware is junk.

So let’s look at the problems with those three phones:

1) Palm Pre – 5 minute boot time. Keyboard (it has one).
2) Blackberry Storm – It’s an IPhone imitation.
3) Apple IPhone – The only carrier that has it is Rogers, and they overcharge.

So what do you do? Me, I think that I’m just going to get a cheap dumb phone, and use it for the next two years. Hopefully the smart phones and the plans available will be better than. But I doubt it. This is Canada, and it appears that the phone companies have the government under their total control.


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