Microsoft Seven Home Parties

I like Daniel over at Roughly Drafted. The man has a sense of humor. He also has a good understanding of technology, and it’s implications. Today he has an article on Microsoft’s Windows Seven Home Parties.

Well, someone commented

Get Windows 7 and pass it around to your friends.

I couldn’t resist. My response was “It sounds like you are talking about a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD).”

Seems soo familiar. MicroSoft appears to be trying to play to the only product image they have … virus laden.

And to that I answered “Okay, so it’s not a sexually transmitted disease. In fact, my guess is that anyone who would want to hold one of these parties, probably isn’t capable of procreating, because they don’t have any interest in sex.”

Okay, it was a bit nasty. Heck, it was a lot nasty. But it was fun.


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