The Enemies List

Joe McCarthy. Richard Nixon. Bill Gates. All had Enemies Lists. Now we have the so-called Boycott Boys list. To quote Verofakto:

Oh Hi! I take it you are most worried about being listed as one of Schestowitz’ abrasive sycophants? David Schlesinger included my original article about the BoycottBoys when he first established the domain, with my permission.

So, I’m one of Schestowitz’s abrasive sycophants. Interesting. I didn’t know that myself. If you look at the actual listing for me, it says that The Mad Hatter is Pimping his blog on articles about Mono. Wow. I’m Pimpin’ M’Blog.

The link goes to a Bruce Byfield blog post titled “Let’s Settle the Mono Debate“. Neat. Byfield actually knows how to write, so linking me to him looks like a compliment. The only problem is that Byfield is totally clueless, just like Lefty Schlesinger, Verofakto, Jo Shields, and Miguel de Icaza.

It doesn’t matter whether Mono is any good. It doesn’t matter whether or not Mono is legal. It doesn’t matter whether or not Mono is a patent trap. What matters is that three years ago, Windows XP fucked up. Again. It totaled my 4 month old laptop, while I was on vacation, totally killing any chance that I’d be able to get any work done during that time. Fifteen years of using Windows. Fifteen years of fighting the biggest piece of shit on the planet to get any work done. Fifteen years of misery. This time I swore that I’d never use anything from Microsoft again.

When I got home, I tried a Ubuntu live CD on the dead laptop. Everything worked fine – except the wireless card. It took a bit of work to get the wireless card working, but from that point on, the computer ran perfectly.

Imagine my shock when I found out that Ubuntu included Microsoft technology! I did some research, and quickly worked out how to remove it. That done, I sat down and thought about what to do. Fitting out the entire Mono team with concrete overshoes was a bit of an over-reaction. Trying to get Mono removed from the default Ubuntu install seemed to be a good idea on the other hand. Anyone who wanted it, would be able to install it from the Ubuntu repositories.

Then I found out that it was in other distributions as well, and often was considered part of Gnome.

So I set out to change things. This got me on Lefty’s enemies list. Fine. I’m probably on Miguel’s enemies list too. Hell, I know I’m on the Microsoft enemies list (I have people on the inside).
That’s just too damned bad. I’m not stopping guys. I want Mono out. I want nothing to do with Microsloth. Ever. Again.

That said, it’s a free world (mostly), and if Miguel wants to keep working on something that I think is spectacularly stupid, that’s his right. In fact, I think he should keep working on it, because according to what I’ve heard, his progress is scaring the shit out of some people in Redmond. But that’s his choice.

In the meantime, I’m proud to be on Lefty’s list. It’s a badge of honor.

Oh, and if you want a great, Mono free OS, try Moon OS. It’s fantastic. And if you are an absolute pervert, and insist on running Mono, you can install it.


8 thoughts on “The Enemies List

  1. Hello sir.I am Omar87, and I just wanted to shake hands with you and tell you I am proud to have my name listed on the "enemy list" that holds your name sir. What a pride! (no hypocrisy, no lying, nothing but total honesty and sincerity)

  2. Jadd,No, I don't hate Mono. You don't hate things. Think about it a little. What good does hating a thing do you?But I want nothing to do with anything Microsoft. Ever. Again.And I'm not shy in telling people that Microsoft produces crap, and that they'd be better of avoiding Microsoft products.As to Miguel – hell, if he wants to waste his time trying to implement a 3rd rate product from a 4th rate company, that's his problem. I won't use it, and I'll recommend that everyone else avoid it. I'm happy that Fedora dumped it, and I'll keep lobbying Ubuntu to dump it from the default install. If anyone wants to install it from the repositories, hey, it's a free world, let them go ahead.But they won't bother of course. There aren't any killer Mono apps. I have to admit that I have a strong suspicion that it's impossible to write a killer Mono app, because Mono is too limited. I can't recall any killer apps written using Mono's daddy, .NET either.Omar,Hey, glad to meet you. Anyone who is on that enemies list I'll be glad to call a friend.

  3. By the way, I'm attempting to understand this:"It doesn't matter whether Mono is any good. It doesn't matter whether or not Mono is legal. It doesn't matter whether or not Mono is a patent trap. What matters is that three years ago, Windows XP fucked up. Again."Are you saying that, because you has a problem with Windows three years ago, no one should use Mono on Linux systems…?

  4. I just came over from the Madhatter site where its talks about being on the ‘Mono Enemies List‘ and guess what?Im on it too!!Its really an honour to be associated with Madhatter as I enjoy teh quality of the writing tremendously.I do find it strange that the swizzlesticks who wrote the list would have SJVN who I think is worse than Byfield (who can go both ways on the same topic in the same aritcle) when it comes to cutting through the bull.Courage isnt his middle name (Than god, imagine SJCVN)I would like to nomimate however 2 of my favorite writers, Glyn Moody and Carla Schroeder of Linux Today who deserve to be on the list and of course what list would be complete without the great Pamela Jones?Also big props to my LinuxToday homies, Brandioch Oconnor, GreeGeek and a few others there who get it.I do sort of feel a tad embarrased to be on the list with my miniscule contributions when those people still havent been voted in.I've been around long enough to remember the start of GNOME and how KDE wasnt 'pure' enough because Qt wasnt open back then yet so I find the hypocrisy coming from Miguel and his nuthuggers to be fascinating now that they are working against free software.I guess its true that we all become our fathers as we go older.Lyle Howard Seave.Red Hat user (and still havent paid Ballmer the money he claims I owe him for using stolen IP: )

  5. Lyle,I wouldn't worry about paying Ballmer, every single function that exists in Windows originally came from Mac OS, BSD, Aix, VMS, OS2 or from one of the many Unix variants, heck, some of it probably came from Open Server. More recently Microsoft has been cribbing things from GNU/Linux, Gnome, KDE, etc.Glad to meet another person on the list.

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