Soon, Bloggers Must Give Full Disclosure – Title courtesy of the NY Times

The rest of the article doesn’t matter really, it just reiterates that the FTC is going to require bloggers to “disclose” any financial relationships. I wrote about the issue, and how some companies are hoping to avoid like legislation in other countries.

Now I’m a cynical old bastard. So what I think will happen, is that any company that wants to game the system will send their freebies to bloggers in countries that don’t have laws covering disclosure. Like Canada.

And of course there’s the Free Software issue. I’ve often written glowingly about Moon OS, so technically I should file a disclosure, because I was given a free copy. So, consider that my disclosure. Along with that I’ve gotten freebies from the Fedora Project, DreamLinux, Canonical (Ubuntu, KUbuntu, XUbuntu), Gentoo, DesktopBSD, and Sun Microsystems (Open Solaris, Java, VirtualBox). Oh, and of course I also got freebies from Apple (ITunes, ILife).

Oh heck, I forgot – I also got freebies from Google (Gmail, Groups) and Yahoo (mail).

Oh, and I got freebies from Novel (Open SUSE, Mono), but I tossed them, they weren’t any good.


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