Some weeks are nuts

Let me see. We have a major Australian insurance company dumping Windows.

Free BSD 8.0 is now out. I’m going to VM it and see how it runs.

Microsoft’s CFO is leaving. He says he is looking for a bigger job. Does this make sense to you? There aren’t many corporations larger than Microsoft.

Boing Boing says that Microsoft is going to pay Rupert Murdoch to remove all of his news sites from Google. They got this from the Financial Times. If both articles are accurate, it looks like Microsoft is prepared to pour more money down the rathole named Bing, trying to make it competitive. Does this add shareholder value? I doubt it.

Good article over at Semi Accurate about how the RIAA and MPAA are contributing to the development and success of P2P.

Here’s one I missed when it was first published, which has massive implications for chronic pain sufferers like myself from Scientific American about a Medical Madoff. Pretty scary. None of the drugs I am on appear to be involved, Thank God.


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