Lincoln Spector asks 'Why Can't the Law Get the Crooks?'

Poor Link. He’s just not thinking straight. Rather than asking Why Can’t the Law Get the Crooks? he should be asking, why did Microsoft build a house with large Windows that will not lock?

Because that is what they’ve done. If you had a house, and you didn’t lock the doors, and you get robbed, well you failed to take reasonable precautions. In the case of computer operating systems, you don’t even have the choice of locking your Windows. Due to Microsoft’s incompetence, Windows is wide open to any crook who tries to access it.

Oh, it can be protected. There are certain simple things you can do, like never use Internet Exploder, Outlook or Outlook Express, and Microsoft Office. Add a firewall, and a half decent anti-virus, and you are reasonably safe. Microsoft’s auto-update is problematical. Sometimes it’s great. Sometimes it’s a disaster (and your computer stops working).

Or you could run a properly designed operating system like Gnu/Linux or OSX, and not have to worry.

The sane answer is to avoid Windows.


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