Through the Looking Glass – Rebooted

A long time ago I started a BBS called Through the Looking Glass. It was a private board, open by invitation only, to people who had piqued my interest. To become a member, you had to be recommended by someone who was already a member, or meet me somewhere, and prove that you could think your way out of a wet paper bag.

While it was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed doing it, life intervened. I got a new job, started travelling a lot (one year I spent over two months out of Canada), was working longer hours, and about then the Internet started to kill of Bulletin Board systems anyway.

A couple of times I’ve considered restarting it, but there was always something that stopped me. Then my body decided to through me a curve, and from February 2009 I’ve only been able to work sporadically due to chronic pain.

So all of a sudden I had lots of time on my hands. I started to write again. Well, I guess I hadn’t ever really stopped, but writing grant applications, technology demonstration applications, Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board filings just wasn’t the same. Let’s face it. I was writing those things because I had to, not because I felt that I had a calling to.

And I started to write. Over 180 days I wrote 100 postings on a blog called Cranky Old Nutcase by The Mad Hatter. I’ve been using ‘The Mad Hatter’ as an online sobriquet since 1985, and considering how much pain I’ve been in over the last two years, ‘Cranky’ fitted. 53? That matched my definition of ‘Old’ not so long ago. And since I’m cursed with a peculiar sort of logic, which usually leaves Joe Average really confused ‘Nutcase’ fitted as well.

Besides – it was on Blogger. Which meant I didn’t own the site. If I brought back Through the Looking Glass, it would be on my own site.

And now I’ve got it thanks to a bit of help from my brother-in-law. He gave me the domain name for Christmas. What a Christmas present – my wife told me later I looked like a prize idiot, smiling so wide I would have had to walk sideways out the door.

As you may have guessed, I’m a big fan of the writings of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, aka Lewis Carroll. I have no doubt that at this point someone is going to try and remind me that ‘The Mad Hatter’ appeared in ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, not Through the Looking Glass. Sorry. I already know that. Through the Looking Glass is however a better title for the blog. Think of looking through an antique mirror, distorted by age. That’s how I see the world. I see things differently. Always have. Always will. This doesn’t make me a comfortable person to have around at times. I’m eccentric enough that I don’t really care.

But this time I’m leaving the door open for everyone. Be warned that if I think you are being an idiot, I’ll tell you. Or more likely write an article about you. But:

This is Liberty Hall. You can spit on the mat, and call the cat a bastard.


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