The Far Left Virtual Police State or How I Didn’t Do My Homework And Now I Look Like An Idiot In Front Of 7 Billion People

I don’t know what’s wrong with John W. Dozier Jr. I do know that his articles tend to be extremely uneven. Some times he makes sense. At least a bit of sense. Other times, well, he doesn’t do his homework, and sounds like he’s totally lost it.

A case in point – he produces an article called ‘The Far Left Police State’ in which he claims that those of use who disagree with him are nasty, nasty, orcses, and attack through words. Really? Isn’t that exactly what you are doing? Do you understand the word ‘hypocrisy?’

OK, I didn’t think so. So I’m going to deconstruct you one paragraph at a time. Unlike you, I will document what I’m saying. I’ll provide links to my evidence, because unlike you, I don’t believe that people should believe me because of who and what I am. I’d rather that they read the evidence, and made their own decisions based on it.

Hold on – maybe that’s the point. You don’t want people to make a considered decision, because you know that you are wrong! Hum. Yes, that does look possible. You are free to respond. Or not. After all, This is Liberty Hall – You can spit on the mat, and call the Cat a bastard.


We’ve been quite vocal at Dozier Internet Law about the nasty habit of the far left leaning and liberal blogosphere of attacking through words (and otherwise) individuals who dare disagree with their “information yearns to be free” and “hands off the web” mantra. These interests claim that our free speech guaranteed by the First Amendment protects the right to attack with impunity anyone with whom they disagree.

Where to start. John, John, John. You are so bad at this. OK, first word. We. Curiously the ONLY person who ever writes anything here is you. So unless you are twins, or suffer from Multiple Personality Disorder you should change that to ‘I’.

Then you mention the ‘far left leaning and liberal blogosphere,’ and claim that they attack everyone who disagrees with them. You are right. Left wingers such as Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, and Laura Ingraham are a danger, and should be shut down. Oh, wait. You say those are right wingers? Hum, when you mentioned ad hominem attacks (and I hope these words aren’t too long for you), these are the only people who came to mind. That aside, didn’t your mother tell you that insulting people is not the best way to get them to agree with you? And really – calling me a liberal. Do you know how bad an insult that is in Canada? Many Canadians consider all Liberals to be corporate sellouts (see the Gomery Inquiry for details.

As I said – do some research so that you don’t look like an idiot. And if you don’t like the first Amendment, why don’t you move up to Canada with me and Michael and Howard and Barry? Canada is a lot nicer place to live than the United States, and if you do, you’ll never have to worry about the First Amendment ever again.

And most troublesome is that these groups and special interests maintain a virtual police state online. They develop intelligence, share information, and relentlessly attack the dissenters to their far left perspective, sometimes in the dark of night using anonymous and pseudonomous postings, riding off the ‘Streisand Effect’ to create a mob attack of similarly minded fanatics (I call it a “mobosphere attack” in the Google Bomb Book).

Um, have you seen your shrink lately? That sounds especially paranoid. But I’m not a doctor. Go seek professional help. Oh, wait. You can’t afford to. Ah, well. You made the mistake of living in the United States, not me.

And don’t act surprised when people are offended because you called them fanatics.

I have often said that the left wingers are all for the right to free speech, until they don’t agree with it. Time and again you’ll see discussions and postings about using the Streisand Effect to retaliate against someone for offering an opposing voice. It is a policy aimed at destroying dissension, particularly in Internet legal and policy areas. ‘First things we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.’ Consider the context of the statement if you don’t already know and it quickly becomes apparent that this effort to bully, undermine, attack and destroy lawyers is the rallying cry for the police state…a world in which dissidents are held out to public scorn and ridicule by a vicious mob (Streisand Effect) or relentlessy attacked by masked intruders (anonymous speakers). This is the world in which we live today. Honest, honorable, intelligent, well mannered, battle worn veterans of the world rarely participate in online dialogue because of the attacks their participation invites. And so you get a very one sided, jaded, biased perspective on Internet law and policy issues. The far left liberals not only control the message, but police the web for anyone not drinking their kool-aid.

And I thought that the last paragraph was bad. Police State. Kill all the Lawyers. Drinking their Kool-Aid? I seriously think that you need professional help, and soon. I hope that your family sees this, and gets you the help that you need.

Oh, and if they don’t, invest in a spell checker for God’s sake. Do you know how much harder it is to read your ravings when peppered with spelling mistakes?

What really amuses me about the above two paragraphs, is that everything that he accuses the ‘left wing blogosphere’ of, he then proceeds to do. Attack, attack, attack. Good work John, you are really convincing me.

The latest dust up comes from a debate about the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement that will establish standardized laws for dealing with Intellectual Property. On the one hand, the liberals complain about a number of proposed or anticipated elements like a “three strikes” law for those infringing copyright and anti-circumvention technology restrictions, all of which is far too involved to discuss in this post. It is all very complex, and the online debate is raging.

If it’s too difficult to talk about, why are you bringing it up? It is really difficult to read John’s writing, between the mis-spellings (can’t he afford a spell checker?), and the total lack of logical structure, it’s almost incomprehensible. Maybe he should hire a writer. I’m available. No, wait. I have limits. I don’t knowingly lie to an audience. In the next paragraph it appears that John is doing exactly that.

What caught my attention was not the relative merits of the debate, but comments made by Dr. Mihaly Ficsor, a renowned global copyright expert and a citizen of Hungary. It is in response to Michael Geist’s far left leaning attacks on the treaty and the publication of high profile and allegedly misleading claims about the treaty that Dr. Ficsor offers a perspective that we in the US cannot possibly have. Here are his words from Budapest, Hungary:
I have decided reluctantly to react to this, and then truly do not want to deal with this weird quarrel anymore. It is completely useless to present arguments against heated ideological discourse and sheer hatred campaigns trying to suppress any contrary views. I am immune against it, as someone who has survived a serious illness. In the decades through which we were constrained to live under a communist regime, this was so customary; everybody who did not agree with the collectivist ideology, there was no discussion about it; he simply became enemy and the agent of the “imperialist forces.” There were no blogs at that time; there were only newspapers and radio, but the style was the same as in these “digital activist” blogs; even the words and expressions are so familiar. Ask about this the many Hungarians who fled to Canada after our beautiful but failed uprising in 1956! We who have suffered a lot – I too as a child and adolescent as a member of a family which, together with many others, was a victim of serious persecution because my uncle bravely spoke out against the communist ideology – have become resistant. Nevertheless, at the same time, we are sensitive to those phenomena where some people try to settle disputes in the style of those “glorious” years, and we may be ready to say some words just in order that our social environment make use at least the wisdom of the saying: “Experience is a wonderful thing; it helps us to recognize our mistakes when we commit them again.”

Doctor Ficsor offers a perspective that we in the US cannot possibly have? John, John, John. Go do some research. Simple basic stuff. Check out Michael Geist’s website. It will tell you that Michael lives in Canada, not the US. If you check out my website you will see that I live in Canada too.

And then of course there is the question of who is Doctor Ficsor? I asked that question in my article An invitation to Doctor Ficsor to explain the value to the citizens of Canada in ratifying the WIPO Internet Treaties because I had never heard of him before! Since I’ve been closely monitoring, and taking part in discussions about Copyrights and Patents for the last several years, if he really was a ‘World Renowned Copyright Expert’ then why is there so little evidence to prove this online? In fact when I did search for proof that he was what he says he is for my second article Doctor Ficsor is wrong about many things – why should we believe him the first three results were links to my first blog posting!

By the time I wrote Doctor Ficsor is wrong again I had come to the conclusion that Doctor Ficsor is only a bureaucrat at the WIPO. He may have had input into the ‘Internet Treaties’, but I fail to see how that would make him an ‘International Copyright’ expert. As as to his experiences in communist Hungary, I fail to see how those have any validity in this situation.

Also in Doctor Ficsor’s first post he claims he was surprised to find Michael Geist’s blog. Well while I had never heard of Mihaly Ficsor, I had definitely heard of Michael Geist. Mihaly Ficsor’s claim that he was unaware of Michael Geist’s blog is less than credible.

And so, as we begin a New Year, let me propose five resolutions that we should all consider embracing. I’ll call them the “Ficsor” principles:
Oppression: I resolve not to abuse our rights in free speech. I will be vigilant in guarding the rights of others to voice their opinions and disagree, but will never hide behind protected free speech in order to punish others for voicing their opinions.

Wow! Do you really promise to do this? Because based on this post, I doubt it.

2) Suppression: I resolve to reject the use of the mobosphere attack or Streisand Effect to influence, undermine or control online dialogue from dissenters.

OK, so you reject democracy as well. Maybe we should put you in a time machine, and send you back to join Doctor Ficsor in 1957.

3) Anonymity: I resolve to never publish anonymous and pseudonomous comments or posts that are derogatory towards someone.

But it’s OK to publish derogatory comments if you aren’t anonymous?

4) Persecution: I resolve to voice my opinion vigorously and openly with utmost respect for the free speech rights of those with whom I disagree, and to discourage and condemn any attempts at coordinating the persecution of my online adversaries.

Now this one you are going to have a really hard time with. I recommend a 12 Step program, you’ll find it will do wonders for you.

5) Intellectual Integrity: I resolve to only comment upon what I know after reasonably acquiring a fair, informed and balanced understanding of the issue.

If you were to follow this, you’d have to delete your post. I will wait for proof that you have done so, before believing you.

Those are my New Year’s resolutions.
Thank you, Dr. Ficsor, for reminding us that those who ignore the past are destined to repeat it.
And we must always remember that those who abuse our basic freedoms place them at risk.
John W Dozier Jr
Dozier Internet Law



Let me get this straight. If you do the same things that you accuse other people of doing, that’s all right because it’s you doing it. But you whine like a baby if someone else is doing those things to you or your friends.
Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

And then you make rookie mistakes because you can’t be bothered to do any research (as pointed out neither Michael Geist nor myself live in the USA). American law, and the American Constitution doesn’t apply to us. Canadian Law, and the Canadian Bill of Rights do. Think about it.

Oh, and don’t bother trying to edit your post so you won’t look so silly. I kept a copy.

Wayne Borean

Monday January 4th, 2010


8 thoughts on “The Far Left Virtual Police State or How I Didn’t Do My Homework And Now I Look Like An Idiot In Front Of 7 Billion People

  1. Every time I read this kind of noise about the power of the fanatic hordes of free software crypto-trotskyist conspirators who live for nothing save to trample on the hearts and minds of the free and the wise and how their tightly organized and ruthless organizations are even now hatching fiendish and diabolical plans I just wonder why I never seem to meet any of them when I’m trying to organize a BBQ with my local Linux User Group. Obviously the Secret Masters Of Open Source – SMOOS – are far too devious…

  2. “The latest dust up comes from a debate about the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement”

    Kind of hard to debate a trade agreement that is “secret” to protect “national interests”. What’s there to debate? Lets examine it point by point? Redacted, Redacted, Redacted. I think the first redacted is very important, and must be kept in at all costs. The second one must be removed because of the un-intended consequences. The last item will cost too much.

    Very intelligent debate.

  3. “(can’t he afford a spell checker?),”

    Comes free with Firefox, a free browser, but make sure you don’t get the British dictionary by mistake.

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