John Dozier – Where is the Proof?

I was going to spend the evening restringing a couple of guitars, however I’ve been asked a question about my earlier article, and it needs to be addressed. John Dozier has claimed that people are attacking him on the internet. Is this true?

One of the things that both Doctor Mihaly Fiscor and John W. Dozier Jr. have done is made ad hominem attacks against their opponents. Both have made claims that their opponents are ‘nasty, nasty, orcses’ to quote Gollum, a character who appears in John Ronald Reuel Tolkien’s books The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Curiously neither has chosen to provide proof that this has happened.

Horatio Caine says in one episode of CSI Miami ‘Trust but Verify’. I’m not as nice as Horatio. I say, ‘Don’t trust it until you’ve verified it.’ People lie. People misunderstand. People don’t think. It doesn’t matter why they are wrong, if they are wrong it has to be corrected.

So John Dozier claims that the his opponents are publicly calling for the Streisand Effect to be used against him, and others who think that stronger copyright is important. Well, I’m me. I don’t take him at his word. I decide to run a test to see if he’s telling the truth. A simple one that you can run yourself. I Google the words ‘Streisand Effect Copyright‘ because if there are a lot of people doing this, as he is implying, it should show up.

Hit number One takes you to a blog titled ‘The Streisand Effect‘ which chronicles various cases of the Streisand Effect. Hit number Two takes you to the ‘about page‘ for that blog.

Hit number Three is the ‘Wikipedia Article‘ about the Streisand Effect.

Hit number Four takes you to a ‘Slashdot Article‘ about a “Ted Alvin Klaudt, a former South Dakota lawmaker convicted of raping his two foster daughters, has sent news organizations what he claims is a copyright notice that seeks to prevent the use of his name without his consent.”

Hit number Five takes you to another ‘Streisand Effect‘ blog which appears to cover the same articles as Hit number One.

Hit number Six takes you to ‘Photoshop Disasters‘ and discussion about an attempt by a clothing company, Ralph Lauren, to prevent discussion of the fact that they photoshopped a models body to make her impossibly thin.

Hit number Seven takes you to ‘Jay Garmon dot Net‘ where Jay discusses the Ralph Lauren case.

Hit number Eight takes you to ‘a Techdirt list‘ of Streisand Effect cases.

Hit number Nine takes you to ‘Discover Seattle‘ where they are discussing Ted Klaudt.

OK, that’s the first page. Maybe I’ve search on the wrong term. I tried searching for ‘streisand effect copyright dozier‘ and hit pay dirt. The first three hits were on John Dozier’s web site. All of the rest of the hits referenced cases where John Dozier had attempted to use copyright law in ways that don’t seem particularly ethical or legal to me. Now I am not a lawyer, but a couple of the people calling him on this are lawyers. It isn’t common for lawyers to publicly criticize each other, but that’s what I’m seeing here. Since Google results change as sites change, I’ve copied the Google results directly below.

Now I have nothing against protecting yourself, and your reputation online. That’s what I was doing when Doctor Mihaly Ficsor called me a Maoist Revolutionary for disagreeing with him. And that’s what I’m doing right now in calling John Dozier on his inaccuracy riddled polemic.

John Dozier – you have made a claim that you are being attacked on the internet for your views. I am unable to find any proof that your claim is true. In fact I even can’t find any proof on the internet that you are particularly active in the political discussion of copyright law.

John, where is the proof? Show me.

Wayne Borean

January 4th, 2010


Google Results

  1. Dozier Internet Law, PC: Internet Lawyer

    Dozier Internet Law and Dozier Internet Law PC is an Internet lawyer firm and Internet  a renowned global copyright expert and a citizen of Hungary.  to reject the use of the mobosphere attack or Streisand Effect to influence, – Cached – Similar
  2. Dozier Internet Law, PC: Internet Lawyer: Dozier Internet Law 

    19 May 2009  You can see where Dozier Internet Law has been speaking out for almost two the virtual Hydra, the Streisand Effect, and the Google Bomb.…/dozier-internet-law-myspace- suicide-case-dismissal.html – Cached

  3. Dozier Internet Law on CopyrightDozier Internet Law Federal 

    This is an attempt to use the “Streisand effect” to create a “mobosphere” attack .  DozierInternet Law Cross-Reference Number 1254.…/dozier-internet-law-federal-court.html – Cached
  4. New York Personal Injury Law Blog: More on Dozier v. Public 

    11 Oct 2007  As a result of Dozier’s claim of a copyright infringement for publishing any part of their cease and desist letters, The Streisand Effect…/more-on-dozier-v-public- citizen-and.html –Cached
  5. Copyright vs. Free Speech in Cease and Desist Letters « The Legal 

    27 Jan 2008  Evolution of the Streisand Effect…. My question is this: What is Dozier so afraid of? If Dozier’s demands are legally and factually…/copyright-vs-free-speech-in-cease-and-desist- letters/ –Cached – Similar
  6. Copyright and Cease and Desist Letters | PlagiarismToday

    12 Oct 2007  I have blogged on the decision on the Dozier Internet Law Blog , it is being Howevever, the Streisand effect basically makes it so that,…/copyright-and-cease-and-desist-letters/ –Cached – Similar
  7. Dozier Internet Law | WhatIThink

    19 Oct 2007  So now Dozier Internet Law are breaking copyright law by making these Welcome to the Streisand Effect. I haven’t linked to your “File – Cached
  8. Cease and Desist, Copyright and Fair Use | The Blog Herald

    28 Jan 2008  Like anything else, the Streisand effect can be used for good and for evil, but so can strict copyright protection in cease and desist…/cease-and-desist-copyright-and-fair-use/ –Cached – Similar
  9. Cease And Desist stories at Techdirt.

    24 Nov 2009  by lawyers to avoid the old “Streisand Effect,” whereby their cease-and- desist ….. Dozier’s firm was also the law firm who filed a lawsuit against a gripes  Court Says You Can Copyright A Cease-And-Desist Letter… – Cached
  10. Dozier Internet Law Protects Online Businesses

    You can visit the main Dozier Internet Law website for more information.  Corbis sent a letter to the Plaintiff alleging copyright infringement for  This is an attempt to use the “Streisand effect” to create a “mobosphere” attack . – Cached

    Page Two
  1. I Hate Linux: Dozier Internet Law: Running an extortion racket?

    12 Oct 2007  I act… and one who is fully aware of the Streisand effect which has lead to I can understand DirectBuy calling their lawyer at Dozier Internet Law  in nature) and/or violated their copyright… or they AND DirectBuy  Our friend John Dozier, managing partner at Dozier Internet Law had…/dozier-internet-law-running-extortion.html –Cached – Similar
  2. New York Personal Injury Law Blog: Don’t Post This Letter On The 

    Some lawyer at an outfit calling itself Dozier Internet Law sent a cease and desist letter on behalf of …. Your folly even has a name: The Streisand Effect…. First, you seem to think that US law will govern this copyright matter.…/dont-post-this-letter-on- internet.html –Cached – Similar
  3. Google Bomb Review – The Untold Story of the $11.3M Verdict 

    20 Oct 2009  The book was written by both Sue Scheff and John W. Dozier Jr.,  reaction people have when they are attacked online and how you should avoid it (Streisand Effectcopyright and trademark infringement, and hacking.…/google-bomb-review-untold-story-113m- verdict/ –Cached
  4. Blogger Alert: Responding to Cease and Desist Letters

    Streisand got all Barbara on him and sued him for $50 Million.  afford is to rely upon theStreisand Effect, and hope that it turns into a Bickle Rain. …. Techdirt post reporting not only Court Says You Can Copyright a Cease and Desist Letter but  If you want the holy writ on the Dozier Law firm’s antics,…/Blogger-Alert–Responding-to-Cease-and-Desist-Letters –Cached – Similar
  5. Google Bomb Book » Congress

    Section 230’s Impact · Streisand Effect · Streisand Effect Virtual Hydra  Over at theDozier Internet Law blog the latest developments are reviewed.  reaction once the effects of Section 230 are understood. …. do in the context of copyright, through Section 512 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act).
  6. Ready to protect yourself online? OK, let’s get started [Updated 

    31 Aug 2009  John W. Dozier Jr. is an Internet lawyer and coauthor of the book “Google Bomb,”  the Streisand Effect is triggered, or someone takes aim at you.  to copyrightinfringement, from defamation to privacy violations,…/learning-to-protect-yourself-online-the-basics.htmlCached – Similar
  7. Law Firm Uses Copyright Claim To Say You Can’t View Its Website’s 

    17 Oct 2007  Yes John Dozier of Dozier Internet Law, P.C., you are a failure. …. This dork just taking advantage of the Streisand effect
  8. An Inter-Newspaper Cease-and-Desist Letter: My Trip to the Buffet 

    21 Jul 2009  post rehashing the Streisand effect for the benefit of Platinum Equity,  See also Dozier’s comments on the ability to copyright…/inter-newspaper-cease-and-desist-letter-my-trip- buffet-wrong –Cached – Similar
  9. Yes, You Should — If At All Possible — Seek Legal Advice When 

    Accordingly, often the only defense that a citizen can afford is to rely upon the Streisand Effect, and hope that it turns into a Bickle Rain.

  10. October 2007 – Posts – I Hate Linux

    I’m sad to say though that that is becoming less and less useful as the actions of Dozier now that the Streisand effect is in full effect which has lead to – Cached

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