Barry Blows It Once Again

Let’s take a look at Barry Sookman’s latest article. Barry has been a favourite target of mine, not because I dislike him, but because his writings are illogical. This bothers me. You have a lawyer, a member of a profession that is supposed to use words carefully and accurately, instead using words very disorganized fashion, with a lack of writing skill that is damned scary.

Now I am not a lawyer. But I’ve spend enough time working with the big boys in Washington and Sacramento to know how the professionals work, and well, I’m sorry. Barry doesn’t write like a professional. Not in the least.

Let’s look at his title first:

Is Minister Clement following the UK to bring us a much needed “Digital Canada” strategy?

This title is a setup. It asks a question. Writers use a question in the title as a lead in. If you read the UK tabloids, you’ll notice that the tabs often use leading questions, to predispose the reader towards the conclusion that the writer wants them to adopt.

If you see an article with a question as a title – beware. The author (me included) is trying to con you.

As most of you may know, the UK is moving ahead rapidly with its Digital Britain agenda to make the UK a world leader in the digital economy. The goals of the UK initiative include upgrading the UK copyright laws to introduce new exceptions from infringement and laws to stem unauthorized online file sharing.

OK, here’s are first prevarication. Barry doesn’t mention that the original drafts of ‘Digital Britain’ had nothing to do with copyright infringement. The section on copyright infringement was added after unelected Labour politician Lord Peter Mandelson, well, in this I’m going to quote Wikipedia, since I don’t think I can better the words:

In August 2009, ”The Independent” reported that unnamed Whitehall sources had said Mandelson was persuaded of the need to try to reduce illegal file-sharing after an intensive lobbying campaign from influential foreign people in the entertainment and banking industries. ”The Independent” also reported that this included a meeting with DreamWorks co-founder David Geffen at the Rothschild family villa on the Greek island of Corfu. Lord Mandelson’s spokesperson said that there had been no discussion of internet piracy during the Corfu dinner. ”The Times” reported after the Corfu meeting that an unnamed Whitehall source had said, “Until the past week Mandelson had shown little personal interest in the Digital Britain agenda. According to ”The Times”, their unnamed source further speculated that apparently Mandelson returned from holiday and effectively issued this edict that the regulation needs to be tougher. Mandelson denied that the two events were linked.

This was also covered in the Daily Mail and the Guardian.

Note to Barry – Wayne’s wife was born in Stoke-on-Trent, and Wayne regularly reads the British press.

To anyone else who wants to check out the British press – WARNING – some of the British papers post pictures of topless women on a regular basis, making some sites NSFW. The worst offender is usually the London Sun which is internationally renowned for it’s topless Page 3 Girl. The Sun is owned by billionaire Rupert Murdoch, who also owns the Fox Network in the United States.

Barry then quotes an article from a Canwest media site. He doesn’t tell you that the article is titled “Push for more wireless competition behind Globalive decision: Clement.” Curious that. He tells you that the article is about copyright, the Globalive decision. Copyright when mentioned, was a side issue. In fact it isn’t mentioned until the last two paragraphs.

The Canwest article stated the following about the interview:

“Clement said one of his priorities in the new year will be to promote the development of Canada’s ‘digital economy’ by tabling legislation that modernizes Canada’s privacy laws, as well as introducing a revised version of copyright legislation that did not pass in the last Parliament.

‘We have to have a strategy for the digital economy in Canada, because you can’t move ahead with manufacturing and resource extraction unless you actually have a strategy for doing more things online.’”

Notice how Tony is a politician – he says a lot – that means nothing. But don’t trust me – read it yourself. And then compare it with the Ottawa Citizen and MacLeans.


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