Copyright Issues – Notes for Future Articles

After a lot of thought, I’ve come up with an action plan to move forward my Copyright articles. My plan is to voice interview the following people:

  1. John Dozier Junior
  2. Howard Knopf
  3. Mihaly Ficsor
  4. Byron Wilfert
  5. Barry Sookman
  6. Michael Geist
  7. Jack Layton
  8. Mike Masnick
  9. Charlie Angus
  10. Glyn Moody
  11. Orrin Hatch
  12. Tony Clement
  13. Gilles Duceppe
  14. Jake Daynes
  15. Stephen Harper
  16. Elizabeth May
  17. James Moore
  18. Stockwell Day
  19. Ron Kirk
  20. David Emerson
  21. Patrick Leahy
  22. Bruce Lehman
  23. David Jacobson
  24. Wallace MacLean
  25. Corey Doctorow
  26. Liza Frulla
  27. Howard Coble
  28. James Sensenbrenner Junior
  29. John Conyers
  30. Nina Pauley

The questions I will be asking will be individualized to the person, and what I understand of their background. This means that each of these people will be receiving phone calls from me. In most cases I already have their phone numbers on file.

If anyone has any suggestions of other people who I should interview, please add a comment.

For those who suspect that these people will ignore me – I expect that several of them will choose to do so. I

it’s quite possible some of them well. If they do, they miss a chance to put their viewpoint out. While I disagree with the stands that several of them have taken, I will report honestly on the interviews. And yes, the questions will be tough. If the questions weren’t tough, there would be no reason to do the interviews.

Wayne Borean

January 6, 2010


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