Copyright – Why it is Important to Me

I don’t write about copyright just to take shots at Barry, Mihaly, and John, quite frankly I’ve got better things to do with my time. I write about it because it is really important to me. I ‘have a horse in this race’. I am not a disinterested observer. Here’s why:

I am a writer. I guess that you have worked that out for yourself since you’ve seen examples of my writing, but I’m going declare it. I AM A WRITER. It is rather like having a rather embarrassing, virulent, social disease in many ways. But I am a writer. Copyright is important to writers. I am also a recording engineer, a singer, a songwriter, and a musician (guitar and piano). But these are less important. Remember. I am a writer.

My wife is a Musician/Singer/Song Writer. We are in the middle of recording her third Compact Disc (which makes being a recording engineer useful!) It’s all original material, either written by herself, or her putting her mother’s lyrics to music.

My Mother-In-Law is a poet. She has been the Poet Laureate of the Temiskaming District for two years now, and as the Poet Laureate holds classes on poetry writing and performance. I will be recording Mom in both Audio and Video formats this spring for a couple of projects she wants to make. We will be making three or more Compact Discs, and at least one Digital Video Disc.

My Father-In-Law used to be Mom’s recording engineer and web master while he was still alive, I’ve taken over part of that. He was also an excellent voice actor, who read Mom’s poetry, and her verse for some of the recordings.

My daughter is a photographer. Some of her recent work has gotten critical acclaim.

My younger son is a film maker and writer. He is enrolled in the Film School of Toronto, has a dozen film projects he wants to shoot ranging from shorts (we plan to shoot Eric and the Gazebo in the spring – the script is complete, as soon as the snow has melted we are going to start shooting) to full length (90 minute plus) movies.

My oldest son is a poet. He is a very private person, and is very quiet about what he is does, but he’s starting to look at publication.

My wife’s oldest brother is a photographer. He has sold his work to a couple of local publications.

My wife’s sister is a painter and sculptor. She has done some absolutely amazing abstract work. Her preferred medium is Acrylics on Canvas.

My wife’s youngest brother is a painter/sculptor/writer. He also likes gardening, where he uses his understanding of colour to produce some interesting effects.

My niece is a writer. We were able to supply her with one of our spare laptops, and I don’t think she’s come up for air since 🙂

My nephew is a singer. He is amazing, Simply amazing.

Because of all of the above, I have an enormously strong interest in copyright. I’ve been reading everything I could get my hands on, and based on what I’ve seen, the WIPO Internet Treaties, which are supposedly about artists rights, are instead one of the worst attacks on artists ever written.

Ratification of these treaties, will damage Canadian artists, will damage Canadian culture, and will destroy the very things that the treaties purport to support.

The recent Canadian legislation which ‘died on the order paper’ was a disaster. It too, in it’s attempts to enact the flawed WIPO Internet treaties, would have damaged artists badly.

I cannot allow that to happen without a fight. So a fight it is.

Wayne Borean

January 7, 2010


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