Critiquing copyright canards

Subtitled: Why Don’t the Copyright Maximalists Address the Issues?

Barry Sookman has posted a link and some quotes from a document written by Patrick Ross of the Copyright Alliance. Their website says:

The Copyright Alliance believes that copyright law promotes creativity and job creation and strengthens the U.S. economy. Those who create, render, and publish copyrighted works rely on the copyright law and its enforcement, for their creative and financial success. Without it, these creators would likely cease to exist, or at the very least, cease to produce these important works that are enjoyed by billions of people around the world.

OK, I get the message. Since I’m Canadian, they don’t care about me. So why should I care about them? Well, there is one thing that is curious. Go look at their membership list. No individual members. Lots of corporations. It looks to me like an organization that is ‘by the corporation, for the corporation’, and those little artists can just keep their heads down and work.

Reading the PDF Document that Sookman links to is an interesting exercise. The author has gone out of his way to ‘demonize’ the opposition, and done so in an insulting way. I don’t have time to tear the document apart one line at a time this morning, but I can summarize the entire document in one work – BUNK!

Throughout the document the writer makes a series of statements, none of which have any bearing on reality, and none of which are accurate. He doesn’t try to prove his thesis, or even that the issues he is raising exist.

So he’s put himself on my interview list. I called his office in Washington yesterday, and left a message.

Oh, and I’ve been calling Barry Sookman and John Dozier. Neither it appears is in the habit of answering their phone. Neither is in the habit of calling people back either. I’m having more success in reaching the politicians. The possibility of an impending election campaign tends to focus a politician’s mind on re-election, and makes getting interviews a lot easier. It also helps that I good connections with some of the politicians involved 🙂

Which gets us back to our subtitle:

Why Don’t the Copyright Maximalists Address the Issues?

This bothers me. This really bothers me. I’ve raised substantive questions in my earlier articles which are here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. Now that’s a lot of articles, considering that until Doctor Mihaly Ficsor got me so upset, I hadn’t written anything on the subject of copyright. In each article I’ve raised issues that I think need to be considered. But…

In no case has the opposition addressed those issues. And I don’t believe that they intend to. They can’t. They either don’t have the information (which would make them look like idiots) or they have the information, and don’t want us to know that:

There are no peer reviewed studies proving that there are any advantages to the country or it’s citizens by adopting the laws on copyright that they claim are needed, and that there is in fact a net disadvantage to doing so.

And if this is true, why are they lying to legislators, in an attempt to get these laws enacted?


That’s my opinion. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.


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