Ian's Video Production Company

I was driving down to pick up my daughter and her friend from the mall, with the son who is in film school, and we were discussing his day at school. One of the things they’ve been covering is film history – a fascinating subject. The teacher had introduced them to The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari, a film that is mostly forgotten by the general public, but well known to students of the art (and fans of Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror). They’ve also covered Nosferatu. Ian was quite surprised that the old man knew about these films, and why they were important. It was an interesting, and fun discussion, which continued after the girls got into the car.

Wendy, Victoria’s friend was listening avidly as we talked about Surrealism in film. All of a sudden she piped up with, ‘I’ve written a film script.’ That got our attention (actually I think Wendy already had Ian’s attention, but he’s a bit shy). The conversation turned to writing, and I encouraged her to start putting her stuff up on the web so she could get some feedback, and told her I’d pass her name around to some people I know. She was a bit reluctant, but I think she’s going to do it, and I’ve asked Victoria to help her get Wendy set up with a blog, as Wendy doesn’t appear to be all that computer literate, and Victoria wouldn’t know what to do without one!

After we dropped Wendy off, the discussion went back to film. Ian has a lot of ideas he wants to play with. We have the equipment to do it, the only question is what should we do? I pointed out that the sky is the limit, that we are only limited by our imagination. For example Taunya was able to make Raising Kayn with virtually no budget, and it looks as good, if not better than some of the current TV offerings from Hollywood.

So we don’t know what we are doing – but we are doing it. I’ve volunteered to be Ian’s production assistant/gofer/whatever to help him get started. It should be fun.


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