Is it Time to Dance the Prorogue Polka?

Probably not if you are a Liberal (I’m not). Probably yes if you are a Conservative (I’m not).

The problem that both parties have is people like me. We wish a ‘plague on both your houses.’ The majority of Canadians aren’t members of either party. All we want the politicians to do is work. Is it too much to ask of them?

Apparently so. Or we wouldn’t be going through this crap again.

The People of Canada are self-effacing. We also are willing to be the but of the joke. Most people have heard of the saying, ‘Save a tree, eat a beaver‘. Well, its Canadian in origin, and BOTH meanings are used. Often with great glee. And of course now we’ve got ‘Save a beaver, eat a beaver’ tee-shirts, which are proclaimed with greater glee, and available in many stores.

But we DO NOT LIKE politicians who pretend that they are acting in our interest, while only acting in their own. Michael Ignatieff has made a couple of what I’ll politely call ‘really dumb moves’ over the last year. But it looks like Stephen Harper has risen to heights of stupidity above and beyond belief by in this case ‘Outsmarting Himself‘ as the Freep so elegantly puts it. Which inspired the website, a Facebook group, and a lot of water cooler moaning.

I foresee interesting times ahead. And a lot of politicians looking for interview opportunities, Ahem.

Wayne Borean

January 9, 2010


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