There’s stupid. And then there’s Facebook. Add McAfee to the mix and what you’ve got is total morons.

Facebook has apparently signed a deal with McAfee to provide anti-virus software. Techdirt reported it this evening, linking to a news.com.au article. Well, I tend not to be the most trusting of people, so I checked McAfee’s newsroom. Much to my surprise, the news is accurate.

Now Facebook is supposedly run by geeks. Geeks are supposed to know about computers. Geeks would be expected to know that McAfee doesn’t make an anti-virus product for Linux or Mac OSX.

OK, so some dingbat at Facebook decides my account has been hacked, cuts my access, and tells me that I’m supposed to run a McAfee scan BEFORE I can access my account again, but McAfee’s software won’t run on the operating system that I use? Hell, I even have a couple of working Power PC Macs in the house still (which run OS9). I can’t even install Windows on them, as Windows only works on Intel X86 architecture chips.

I like Facebook. I really do. It’s great for keeping in touch with relatives, which I have in damned near every country on the planet. But Facebook management appears to have been taken over by morons, judging by some of their recent moves. So I’ve started a Facebook group called Tell Facebook to Drop the McAfee Deal – It’s useless to Mac and Linux Users.

If you agree with me, feel free to join.


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