Graduated Response and Copyright – a Practical Solution for Copyright Infringement

Oh dear. I find that I’m agreeing with Barry Sookman. Graduated Response does have a place in the battle against copyright infringement.

Copyright Infringement is a problem. And it’s one that is getting worse. I’ve been tracking a series of infringement cases over the last year, and the more I look at the situation, the more I am convinced that something needs to be done, and it needs to be done soon.

However none of the ‘Graduated Response’ legislation that I’ve read to date, including the French Hadopi regulation, has the teeth needed to make it effective. Hadopi is useless against the hard core infringers. To be effective, it needs to be far more rigorous. I would like to propose following:

First Strike – Disqualification for all Tax Credits for the current year

Second Strike – In addition to the action taken in one, triple the tax payable.

Third Strike – Force the shutdown of the offending company’s operations. All copyrights to be returned to original owners, with the remaining copyrights, and all patents, trademarks, etc. to be placed in the public domain.

Only actions this stringent will force the worst of the serial offenders to act in an ethical manner. In this matter Barry and I are in 100% agreement. Something must be done.

Wayne Borean

Wednesday January 20, 2010


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