Prorogue Polka Revisited

We have a government, that doesn’t want to govern. We have a population that is so upset that 208,228 people have joined a Facebook Group in protest.

Canada had a population of 33,739,900 in 2009 according to Statistics Canada, which means that just over 0.6% of the total population have joined the Facebook Group. But that includes children, who cannot vote. When you remove the population which is under the voting age, which is 7,863,700, the voting age population is 25,876,200. The Facebook Group as a percentage of the voting age population, is 0.8%. When nearly 1% of the voting age population of a country joins a Social Media site group, that is significant.

Politics in is undergoing a sea change. Facebook is one of the things that is allowing people to become more active, which is a good thing. The power of social media to change the political landscape has been demonstrated in several campaigns, including the Obama presidential campaign and the Massachusetts Senate Race. If the current batch of politicians ignore social media (note that I am including Twitter in my definition of social media), they will lose. Think of it as Evolution in Action.


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