No Prorogue Demonstration in Newmarket Ontario

My wife Heather and I attended the No Prorogue demonstration in Newmarket today. It was a great event (thanks to Liz who did most of the organizing). About 250-300 people showed up, everyone was in a cheerful mood, even the cops.

There was singing, speeches, a fair bit of sarcasm towards politicians of all stripes, and I took a lot of pictures, which I am currently attempting to upload to Picasa. Unfortunately we have what Rogers Cable claims is ‘High Speed Internet,’ and which is like molasses in January when you are trying to upload anything, never mind 85 megabytes of images. And than I have a pile of video to upload to YouTube…

It was a typical Canadian demonstration – everyone froze 🙂 Even the dogs were wearing coats – and carrying signs. The media did show up – we had Rogers video taping our event.

After the first part of the meeting, most of us marched down to Lois Brown’s constituency office (Conservative MP for Newmarket-Aurora). I was in a lot of pain by that point, so I drove. The demonstration continued outside her office, and the microphone was opened up so anyone who wanted to talk could. We were told that Lois had been informed about the demonstration, but had elected not to attend, or even to be in her office to see us.

All in all it was a great event. Again, I would like to thank Liz, who did an absolutely wonderful job in getting things set up, and also the people who volunteered equipment (pick up truck, microphone, amplifier).

And of course all of the attendees! It was great to see everyone who cared enough to turn out, on a cold winter day!

Wayne Borean

Saturday January 23, 2010


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