No Prorogue Demonstration – Pictures

Ah, the pictures finally finished uploading! Here’s the demonstration as we arrived at 1:00 PM

Start of the Demonstration

We started of by singing Oh Canada – pardon my somewhat cracked voice!

As you can see, everyone was wearing Canadian High Fashion for January.

Lots of coats and toques

I personally think that we had about 250-300 people attend. I did try to count, both at the time, and from the pictures, and I’m pretty sure that there were at least 250. The 300 for the top end is just a guess.

Another view

Here’s an image from the back of the demonstration, the building you can see behind everyone is the old Newmarket Town Hall.

Newmarket Town Hall in the Background

Here’s an image of a sign, this person is clearly not impressed by Stephen Harper, or his MPs.

Tory MPS - Harper's Puppets - No Guts - Liars

And a sign in French – yes, Non means no.

Pro-Democracy, not Pro-Rogation!

Pro-Democracy not ProRogation

For Sale – Acounntability

For Sale - Accountability - Call 1-800-HARPER for details!

There were a lot of Canadian flags of all sizes in evidence.

Canadian Flags

Recalibrate this – we want our democracy back now!

We want our Democracy back
Recalibrate this - We want our Democracy back now!

I think the implication of this one is clear enough for even a politician to understand!

Want my vote?

Accountability – a broken promise! For those who aren’t Canadian, one of Stephen Harper’s campaign promises was accountability, so he shouldn’t complain if we call him on it.

Accountability - a Broken Promise

Someone donated a pickup truck to the cause, and of course it got plastered with signs.

Pickup covered in signs

More Canadian flags, and the obligatory liquid hand warmer.

More Canadian Flags
More Canadian Flags - and a cup of coffee!

I never did catch this gentleman’s name, but he did most of the announcements, and did them very well. I was wishing I had his beard by the time the demo was over. It looked warm.

The Announcer

A rather pointed question directed at the Member of Parliament for Newmarket-Aurora, Lois Brown, Conservative.

Question for Lois Brown

And a very simple question – Where’s the Justice?

Where's the Justice?

You Prorogue, we Protest. Catchy slogan!

Your Prorogue, We Protest

Another speaker, the Regional Councillor

Regional Councillor

Overall it was a nice and sunny day, if a bit cool. As I said in my earlier post, protests in Canada can be pretty cool. In more ways than one 🙂

Sunny, but cold.

This protestor didn’t seem cold.

Warm Protestor

One of the speakers pointed out the Infrastructure plan sign in front of the town hall. It’s worded so that you’d think that the Harper government is solely responsible, and doesn’t mention that it was funded by our tax money, and only implemented when Canadians complained about a lack of action by the Government.

Infrastructure Program Sign

Another protestor who wasn’t having issues with the cold, and was carrying two signs 🙂

Golden Retriever Protesting

How About Some Respect? The rather pretty young lady carrying the sign hid her face behind it for the first picture, but finally agreed to lower the sign.

How About Some Respect?

There was a petition of course, asking the Governor General to reverse the Prorogation of parliament. The rules are that the Prime Minister can ask the Governor General to Prorogue parliament at any time. The Prime Minister has to provide good reasoning, and the Governor General is supposed to act in the best interests of Canada in making her decision.

But apparently the Governor General can reverse the decision, if giving reason too, and thus the petition.


And of course, the police. They provided an escort on the march to the office of Lois Brown, the local Conservative MP.

York Regional Police

The start of the march.

Start of the March

The lady in the maroon sweater with the coffee is Liz, who did a tremendous amount of work putting this all together. Thanks Liz!


Canadian efficiency – two people signing the petition at once. Wonder if it has anything to do with the cold?

Two Signing

Anyway, I’m splitting this post here, will continue in the next post with the events outside the constituency office of MP Lois Brown.

Wayne Borean

Sunday January 24, 2010


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