Invent Help Sues IPWatchdog Alleging they are Not a Scam

I don’t often agree with Gene Quinn over at IPWatchdog. Gene thinks that if it moves, you can patent it (or at least it seems like that). Gene thinks that Climate Change is a myth. So we disagree on some issues.

That said, I’ve formed the impression from jousting with him at IPWatchDog that Gene is basically a nice guy. He cares about the little guy. Which is apparently why he’s on the wrong end of a lawsuit.

Gene has written several articles critical of He is somewhat skeptical of their claims, and actually went so far as to classify them as a scam. They didn’t like this, and ‘Invention Submission Corporation”, doing business as Inventhelp is suing Gene, and his wife.

I am not a lawyer, so while I’ve read the court filing, I’m not going to claim to understand the fine details. But I recommend that everyone read it, remembering that it was written by a lawyer who is trying to put the best spin on her client’s position. Compare the ‘Facts’ section, with the posts on IPWatchdog and with the information available from You will probably notice some points that don’t match the facts as stated. I did. I don’t know how significant the deviations are.

But… I’ve seen’s advertisements in the past. I’ve read them. And you know what? If it isn’t a scam, it sure as hell looks like one. It reminds me of those emails I keep getting from my friends in Nigeria.

Gene says he’s going to fight this. Based on what I’ve seen so far, I’m going to sit back and cheer for him.

Wayne Borean

Tuesday January 26, 2010

PS: I suggest doing a Google search on the term ‘Inventhelp scam,’ it returns some really interesting links.


4 thoughts on “Invent Help Sues IPWatchdog Alleging they are Not a Scam

  1. 21b) seems a bit odd to me. Are they arguing about ipwatch’s ranking in search engines?

    Anyway, Mad Hatter, is it possible I can contact you in some way to discuss some things?

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